Along in the room, I walked nearly in a daze towards the laboratory benches. They’d been silent—completely silent. It’s funny, you know, how in the movies the monsters all make a bunch of noise, let you know they’re coming. Growls for beasts, groans for zombies, or bad Romanian accents for vampires. Not these guys; not only can they not speak, they can’t vocalize at all. It’s the biggest way we differentiate them from humans. Instead of appearing to understand, they give you a quizzical look and then smash you hard upon the head and dig their unclipped fingernails into you.

I spot the elixer upon one of the benches. I just need to grab it, the recipe, and the aerosol attachment. Then jaunt back to detachment who are guarding the lab. And myself, the scientist who’s devised this concoction. Five had fallen to do so. I spend a moment to mourn them each in turn. The remaining four are two rooms away. Giving me time to reach this proof of concept. Prototype, really, as I’ve proven out that it won’t effect humans. It just gives us a light tingle, as touching the leads of a nine-volt. My heart pounding, I swipe them from the bench top and dash back through the derelict laboratory.

Several minutes later, we’re awaiting extraction in the old hangar of this facility. It’s been eerily deserted on the way out. I notice a pair of women in white lab coats out of the corner of my eye a bit late to the party. The officer of the detachment is already yelling at his men to fall back, and take refuge behind the steel wall of an abandoned trainbed crate. My adrenaline starts to flow, and the pounding sound of increased bloodflow begins to drown out his further commands. I find myself standing alone, exposed, in the path between the women and the detachment.

The women—or rather, the voiceless creatures who had at one time been women—point silently at me and begin to approach. They are incredibly quick at first, though by the time they are on me, time seems to have dilated, or they’ve slowed significantly. I still have plenty of time to grab and level the aerosol at them before their claws dig into my face. After pulling the trigger and dowsing all three of us in elixer, I notice the grotesque effects upon them. They shudder violently, and their features begin to…melt? No, that’s not quite right. Neither is burn. I would say flow is most approriate, and most horrific. That, however, is not the worst of it. That wouldn’t even be the muscle spasms I begin to feel, as though I’m plugged in to the electricity mains. No, the worst is the screams. The pained, high-pitched, and very much not at all inhuman screams coming from them.

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