• Machu Picchu: Gotta Stay High

    Machu Picchu: Crown jewel of the Inca empire. Also, pretty darn high. Like, in the clouds high. Like, were the Incans crazy, or just really really defensive. How’d we get up there? In the immortal words of Egg Shen, “wasn’t easy”. We’re going up there. In the cloud part.

  • Upward: In Hot Water

    Finally it came time to leave Cusco, with its stiking cloudy skies. We departed for Aguas Calientas via taxicab and train, arriving at the “base” of a mountain upon which sat Machu Picchu.

  • Plaza de Armas: Cusco

    Exiting our hotel (stage left even!) was a pathway leading up to Plaza de Armas. Also there, all of the church. All of it.

  • Cusco: Hotel Environs

    Mission Cusco: altitude acclimatization. Also, the hotel was pretty inside and out.

  • How it always begins

    Very small. Here, we’re about to embark on a magical mystical journey to Peru, to see things which, quite honestly, are fairly often seen (but are, as they say, New To You! Where You is me).

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